Posted by: Valentin Berceanu | March 13, 2016

20160313 – I Want Donald Trump to Win the Presidency And Here’s Why

No, I am not crazy. No, I have not changed my values in any way. Thanks to political compass’ online test I can point to something that should show that I endorse free market economics and I oppose authoritarianism. I don’t know how accurate that test is because it also puts Obama in the free market camp and quite in my own vicinity, while the man instituted socialised medicine, but it does enough to confirm what I also believe of my own characterisation. In the past, I have not been so anti-authoritarian (I hesitate to use the word libertarian because of its political connotations), but in the past few years as I have come to understand the non-aggression principle or the voluntarism principle and have come to apply it more consistently I have renounced some of my authoritarian views on certain subjects. So, if I have changed at all in the past couple of years, it has been a movement away from where Trump is depicted. Where is Trump depicted? Well, he’s Hitler, right? So he’s like the Godfather of authoritarianism (while Stalin is the God). And, despite all that, I want Donald Trump to win the presidency of the United States. I want this to happen because of many reasons, twelve of which I will take the painstakingly task to explain below, so if you will award me the respect to read through, thank you.

Some of these will be reasons, some of these will be hypothetical scenarios that are accepted in the mainstream but not really thought through. The one point they do have in common is that they show why I think the Donald winning the presidency is actually a good thing. (Try not to get “triggered”).

First: win/win. Everyone is concerned with the scenario of Trump winning the presidency and being a lousy president. Well, if that happens, then I think everyone should agree that the system is broken. That democracy has given us the worst possible president and as a result the system has failed. (I could easily make that argument just by looking at Obama, but hey, if the leftists need to see the end of the world before they concede an argument, I’m down with that too.) So if Trump wins and he sucks, then we have undeniable proof that democracy has failed. And that’s perfectly fine, because at least then, we’ll all be on the same page about looking for a better system, instead of pretending that nothing’s wrong.

But what if Trump wins and he’s a good president? Then we’ve all kind of put our asses in the frying pan over nothing, eh? If Trump wins and he’s a good president he just proved that the worst thing about the current political system is the political mafia (which I also happen to think is true), because let’s not forget how all the career politicians are railing against him now. To take a guy who’s not a politician, who spent just a fraction of what others have spent, to win outright and to do a great job? That’s the end of the world for the political establishment right there. Politicians today, most over the entire world as well as in the US, are career politicians and the whole “barrier to entry” that has been set up for the outsiders is that you need a career in politics to succeed in politics. Well, if Trump wins, and if he’s a good president, then all of that perception goes straight to hell, doesn’t it? Furthermore, I’d absolutely have to send my stance on democracy straight to hell too, and I would be very happy to do so, in that case.

Second: the nuclear fallout case. One of the other things we hear are going to happen (and it’s such a negative thing that it’s often given as an argument onto itself as to why we should prevent Trump from winning) is that, if Trump wins, World War III will be inevitable, people will be deported, racism will come back and the Star Spangled Banner will be renamed Trump Stars & Stripes or worse, it’ll be replaced with the Second Confederate Navy Jack (or as some people call it nowadays, the Confederate Flag). I know that you people have been accustomed to Obama’s “I’m gonna do what I want, say what I want and ain’t nobody got the power to stop me” style of presidency, but there’s small things like the constitution, like congress, like the power to impeach and depose a president that act as checks and balances to a despot (that is when he can’t play the race card).

Tangent: do you realise the amount of times Republicans had reasons to impeach Obama and had to bite their tongues because of the inevitable racial accusations? Also having the first black president in history impeached? It’s a historical disaster.

Coming back to the point though, Trump is already proving that he’s better at playing this political game than the career politicians. I think it’s safe to assume he’s not going to get himself thrown out of office after three weeks (unless that’s really his plan, in which case, what are we worried about, again?).

Third: Trump’s supporters don’t think. Well, maybe they do and maybe they don’t, but the “beauty” of democracy (at least going by your definition, not mine) is that everyone gets a vote and the majority decides. So if Trump’s supporters don’t think, you can do your best to educate them into thinking (your way), but you absolutely can not and should not deny them the fair democratic process. Trump supporters don’t think is not an argument against him and democracy is about one man – one vote, not about one man – one informed voter. If you think that should change, then we are in complete agreement, my friend, welcome to my side. We need Trump to win and we need Trump to fail resoundingly in his role as president for that conversation to happen.

Fourth: look at the left (supporters & media) saying Trump should not be allowed to run/be president. That’s all fine and good. You have the right to an opinion, but my opinion about that, to which I also have the right, is that you’re dead wrong – structurally flawed in reasoning, if you will. If Trump is the wrong republican candidate and you’re a democrat, you should be supporting Trump hand over fist to get the nomination. Why? Because a bad republican candidate will give the White House to your guy/gal! So if you think that Trump is crazy and insane then you absolutely want him to run against Hillary or against Bernie, because it’ll be easy to point out that he’s insane and the American people will reject him. But you have to wonder at this point, and I’m looking at you John Oliver, and at you, Trevor Horn, is it possible that you also know, that if Trump runs he will end up pulverising any candidate the democrats can throw at him? And the pot from which to pick such a candidate is pretty small to begin with. It’s not like Bill Clinton’s gonna walk through that door.

Fifth: look at the right (republican supporters & media) saying Trump should not be allowed to run for president. Your only hope right now is to get to a brokered convention. This means that Trump should not be allowed to clinch the simple majority of delegates needed to secure the nomination, which is actually why Rubio and Kasich are still running because they know that as soon as they drop out their voters are not going to go to Cruz in droves but rather they’ll be more likely to vote for Trump. Ben Carson was once a frontrunner in this campaign. Where did his votes go (before he retired and before he endorsed Trump)? They went mostly to Trump. The Donald literally swallowed up Carson’s constituency. Cruz is always going on about how Trump has a ceiling of 35-40% of the potential republican voters and it’s so funny because there really aren’t any people who are on the fence about Trump, his voters are his voters, he’d probably get most of them if he ran as an independent. What Cruz doesn’t realise is that he’s actually putting forward the best argument as to why, if Trump leads the field going into the GOP convention, they should absolutely give him the nomination flat out. The fact is that Cruz & Rubio & Kasich do not split the other 60%. Their numbers have never added up to that, because if they had, all Rubio would have to do is endorse Ted Cruz, get on his ticket as VP and Cruz would be winning the rest of the primaries throughout (Kasich is a ghost who has some presence around Ohio, but doesn’t exist in the south or in the west). So how wise is it to go into the convention, to have guy with a leading score of delegates and to make some kind of swindle and come out with a different candidate? You would literally just kiss 30% of your electorate good bye! And who knows if not more? Because Cruz and Rubio are fringe party candidates. Which leads us to…

Six: the establishment agenda. Trump running and having such a good shot at the presidency is the most significant thing to have happen in recent american history. Read that statement again, I kid you not. In order for me to prove to you that, you need to answer the following question: who was/is the republican establishment candidate (the usual front runner) in these primaries? Is it Cruz? Is it Rubio? Absolutely not! These guys are fringe candidates, coming from deep conservatism and tea party origins. The republican establishment candidate has always won the primaries for the party as far back as I can remember. George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, just a few examples, but these guys had always been the establishment candidates during their own primaries which meant they won Super Tuesday and had gone on to win the nomination. Who was that candidate this year? I’ll tell you who it was: it was Jeb Bush. You know where Jeb Bush is in the polls? He’s not running anymore, that’s how bad he was doing. He dropped out of the race before Ben Carson did! I’m not 100% sure, but he might have dropped out even before Rand Paul!And Rand Paul never had more than a snowball’s chance in hell. There was some controversy at some point about campaign funds, and this was a while back so I’m sure the numbers have changed by now, but Trump’s campaign had spent about 22-25 million dollars. At that point in time, Jeb Bush had already retired from the race after sinking a whopping 150 million dollars. Read that again! Jeb Bush spent a whopping 150 million dollars on his campaign (all of it coming from corporate donations) and the highest he could place was fourth. Fourth! Why? Because the traditional establishment voters, were too busy voting for Trump. People who have voted for the establishment in the past, rejected him outright. Why? Well if you were to listen to their statements it would be that the average republican voter has gotten tired of the establishment. How is that not something that we want to have happen? The only reason why Cruz is hanging in there still with Trump, is that the establishment has gotten behind Ted after the failure to launch Jeb. In fact, traditional corporate republican donors have even come out and said that if Trump wins the republican nomination they would be forced to explore going over party lines and putting money into the campaign of whomever the democrats’ candidate might be. Can you fucking believe how scared these corporate people are of Donald Trump, that they’d be willing to fund Bernie Sanders??? And that’s the whole point: the establishment doesn’t want Trump, the corporations don’t want Trump, and the american people, a large part of them want Trump. How large? We won’t really know unless Trump is allowed to run for the White House but Ted Cruz estimates that as much as 40% of republicans. So what’s better for America? What’s better for democracy? A president that has the support of the corporations or a president that has the support of the people? I’ll let you think that one over.

Seven: the underdog story. Ever since the first republican debate the mainstream media has not paused a day from attacking Trump. This is across the political spectrum. Trump’s been getting media hits from both the left and the right. We’ve already shown that the establishment is against him. He’s been called every derogatory name in the book, but he’s still coming. He’s had candidates self detonate themselves (in terms of their campaigns, settle down Osama!) trying to take Trump down. Mitt Romney came out of retirement to take a swipe at Trump. They’ve hit the Donald with everything but the kitchen sink and he’s still running and he’s still winning. Isn’t this the ultimate underdog story? Isn’t this really what politics should be all about? An ideal, a slogan that mobilises the people regardless of all the smut and all the spin and all of the crap that gets thrown across the pulpit during the political debating season? Shouldn’t we want the underdog to win? Look at those numbers again: 25 million and counting versus 150 million thrown down the drain! If anything, Trump is the underdog, the upstart, against a political juggernaut that has controlled the destinies of americans for the past seven decades.

Eight: there is one politician who is really afraid of Trump. And that is Hillary Clinton. She is the only politician in the race for the White House that has not attacked Donald Trump. Why could that possibly be? Bernie Sanders goes after him at almost every rally. Bill Clinton went after him. Mitt Romney we covered already. George W. Bush went after Trump. The one person that stayed away from directly attacking or addressing Trump is Hillary. Because if she starts attacking Trump then he can respond with full force and the american people would get a preview of the ass whooping Hillary has in store. The democrats have really shot themselves in the foot this year. They have the weakest crop of candidates since Walter Mondale won the nomination (and if you don’t remember president Mondale, there’s a good reason for that, look it up). The democrat establishment highjacked Hillary’s presidency in 2008 (I supported her completely back then, by the way) because the democrats got greedy and instead of voting in the first woman president (who at the time was the best prepared democratic candidate) the took the fringe (more than three quarters of Obama’s White House staff after his inauguration was Hillary’s campaign staff) black guy and decided: why not push empty rhetoric if it can give us the first black president? So to make up for it, they cleared the field for Hillary in 2016 (zero viable candidates, not even Joe Biden who ran in every democratic primary I can remember) and the end result is that, if she didn’t have the super delegates (giving her a 500 delegate lead from the very beginning) it’d be a very close race between her and a crazy socialist whose platform can be summed up by: tax the hell out of the rich and give free shit to everyone. This is who Hillary is having a hard time beating among her own constituency. How do you think she will fare in a general election against an animal like Donald Trump? Seriously.

Nine: stuff people say on the campaign trail. This has been a long running topic and a cause for inflammation amongst everyone who has had a bone to pick with Trump. Every day I would hear: Trump said this, Trump said that, how can Trump say such a thing, is Trump stupid that he can say this… And so on. A never ending mantra, usually coming from left leaning, responsible people, that would get offended at something that Trump would say and projecting that on Trump’s eventual presidency. I am only 33 years old, but I have to confess, it’s gone past the point where this shit is ridiculous. How old do you need to be before you understand that there is almost no correlation between what a candidate says on the campaign trail and what his presidency is like? And that goes double, if you’re not even in his core constituency. Because that’s all that’s going on now, Trump is talking to his voters and he’s telling them what they need to hear in order to vote for him and that is all. We never go back and examine a president’s record against his campaign trail speeches, but you’d have a seizure if you did that to Obama and Bush. Trump is playing the game, so he’s saying the things that he needs to say in order to get the votes to get the nomination. As soon as he’ll be expanding his target (if he does end up being the republican candidate), he’ll start saying shit more palatable to the democrats. It’ll be just as worthless as what he’s saying now, but you won’t shit your panties as much when you’ll hear it then.
You know what Trump said on his campaign trail? He said: we were lied into a war, we were lied into going to war with Iraq. That’s something that democrats have been saying ever since we first found out that the weapons of mass destruction were not to be found anywhere. You’d think a statement like that would cost him some serious points from the republicans, wouldn’t you? In fact, it ended up bringing him points and bitchslapping Jeb Bush and George W. Bush out of the race.
But if you really have trouble sleeping because of what Trump says while he’s campaigning, go back and read point two.

Ten: Trump is stupid, he’s an ignorant redneck fascist. That’s just not true. I’m not sure you’d be right to characterise his demographic as that either (parts of it, maybe, but I don’t know how large those parts really are). Trump is anything but stupid. He may be stubborn sometimes, like every successful business man might be from time to time, but he is not stupid. You can’t make that much money over that much amount of time and have the IQ of a turnip. You just can’t be that lucky. More than that, Trump is running for president for the first time in his life. He hasn’t been involved in politics at all. At all! And he’s the front runner in the race. He has somehow figured out the game the very first time he sat down at the controls and you want to call that “stupid”? Are you fucking kidding me? Oh, also, he’s doing it while spending less than a fifth of what a traditional campaign would be spending. That is not stupid, my friend, that is fucking unadulterated genius. This guy wrote The Art Of the Deal. I’m not saying he typed it out with his sausage little fingers, but he wrote it, he created it, I’d go as far to say that he embodied it and that was in 1989 back when Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio most likely were still battling acne. To write a bestseller, to create a multi-million or multi-billion dollar empire, you can’t do that if you’re “stupid”. You can disagree with Trump on any and every political statement he makes, that’s absolutely your right, but calling a man like this “stupid” and dismissing him out of hand only proves your own ignorance.

Eleven: the violence. This is basically the reason why I’m getting involved and putting this out there. What’s been happening at the Trump rallies recently is the lowest of all lows. “Protesters” show up, in increasing large numbers, looking to provoke conflicts which then degenerate into violence (which the darling media just can’t stop spinning into the back yards of Trump supporters). This kind of provocation is an absolute insult to the right of free speech, it denies everything that is American, it denies everything that is freedom, it denies everything that is just. It puts these “protesters” in the same class with nazis, with KKK members and with communists. These “protesters” self-identify as “democrats”, some are even seen carrying Bernie Sanders signs (into a Trump rally, mind you) and they do nothing if not a disservice to the very idea of democracy. You do not go into your opponent’s house, shit on his rug, call his wife and daughter all kinds of names, jack off all over the family portraits, break all of his good china, and his tv, pocket his silverware, his stereo and his playstation and expect to walk out like nothing happened. The incidents… No, that’s the wrong word. The vile, sub-human provocation that took place in Chicago and the violence and abuse that followed are the lowest of the low of any campaign trail that I have ever seen. After this, the guns will come out and from what I saw on twitter it’s the black lives matter activists that have already pulled them out. And they went home (the “protesters”) chanting “we shut down Trump”. If you don’t understand just how tragic that is, then you don’t deserve to enjoy the comforts of civilisation and I would urge all the democrats that have any kind of balls and any kind of integrity to disassociate themselves from this immediately and to condemn it sternly. If you don’t do this, if, instead you encourage this kind of behaviour, the blood, and I assure you there will be blood, will be on your hands as well. And to have come to that when faced with the task of selecting a presidential candidate, is the saddest thing we have seen in connection with US internal politics since the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. That is how low you have sunk, you self-identified democrats. It is almost an act of moral reparation that Trump be allowed to run.

Twelve: why is he running. I left the one unexplained thing for last. I know without a doubt why everyone in this race was running, except Donald Trump. Politicians make money from politics and the further up they get on the ladder the more money they rake in. If you don’t buy that, just look at Rubio’s personal finances. Hillary says that the Clintons were nearly broke when they left the White House. Even if I were to believe that, Bill Clinton is making in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per speaking engagement as a “former US president” so spending 8 years at the top has definitely skyrocketed his earning potential. With all of that in mind, I can’t understand why Trump is running. Is it particularly because he just want to win? Is it to test for himself some crazy theory about politics? Is it to get more power? Is there really anything you can’t buy when you have billions of dollars? Is it because it’s the only way to get into a sauna with Putin? The truth is that I don’t know and I can’t know, but regardless of wether I agree with Donald Trump or not, regardless wether I like him or not, the fact that he is running is of significant importance and the way he is succeeding is equally significant. And I trust the man enough to think he’s got a good reason for doing it.

Let me sum it all up. I am not a statist, I absolutely hate the state, I hate what it’s doing to the economy, I hate what it’s doing to the world at large and I hate what it’s doing to humanity. Not just the US, any state. The very concept of the state as it is defined in the world right now, is a moral violation. You will have a hard time finding someone that’s more vehemently opposed to a fascist/nazi/communist/or any other brand of totalitarianism on the internet, but I have twelve solid reasons why I want Donald Trump to win the presidency. Think about it. Just think about it.


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