Posted by: Valentin Berceanu | January 6, 2017

20170106 – For Some, A White Christmas


Around Christmas Eve last year a piece of “news” popped into my Facebook feed from about the north pole being subjected to temperatures that were 30 degrees Celsius higher than normal for the period (sorry Americans, Fahrenheit is way to erratic of a scale to run comparisons on, apparently). The link to the story is here: . I opened it, read the piece, looked at the photos, went “ahm” and settled myself in for the heavy winter that was about to come our way…

Say what now? Heavy winter? Are you nuts? Wasn’t the news about undeniable global warming effects?

Well the answer is yes and no, but I’ll explain that a little later. First I think it would really serve us all better to take a look at BBC’s reporting of the issue in question which can be found here: because it was when this piece hit my Facebook feed the following day, I knew I’d have something to write about.

What is the story behind the story?

The visual image selected by the BBC to illustrate their article says it all. It is this one:

Picture 1

Picture 1

A zoomed in, cropped capture of a big red blob that provided zero context. Since it cites the University of Maine and since we have the very same U of Maine cited as a source in the other article, I’d like to post the two relevant photos from the other article for comparison:

Picture 2

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 3

Okay, so what do these two GIFs bring extra to the party? First let me draw your attention to Picture 2. In the frame with the big red blob (just push it to activate it if it doesn’t cycle automatically), where we see the temperature differences related to the “normals” for the period, if we could look away from the red blob for a few seconds, we might notice that there are significant temperature changes elsewhere on the globe, such as: about 30 degrees LOWER than normal in Siberia, about 20-30 degrees lower than normal in Greenland, about 20 degrees lower in Northern Labrador, about 10-20 degrees lower on the Northern US West Coast going inland as far as Wyoming, the entirety of Europe is at least 5 to 10 degrees lower than normal with most of Central and Eastern Europe falling in the 10 category, and there’s even places in South America where pockets of temperature that’s 5-10 degrees lower than normal can be seen. In Picture 3 (also push to activate) we can see an overlay of the isobaric pressure regions on the temperature pockets and it all becomes too clear. A low pressure pocket made its way up to the pole and is heating up the area. This is broken up by neighbouring high pressure areas over time cooling it down and taking the water vapours down south for the onslaught of precipitation. It’s basic meteorology and not the subject of sensational news, but in this day and age I suppose it’ll do, right? Now take a look at Picture 1 again. No context, no science, just agenda pushing and one red menacing blob in the middle of everything. And the sad part is, that if you take the time a do a simple internet search, you’ll find out that this EXACT craze happened at the end of December 2015 and the beginning of January 2016, almost like it’s a seasonal thing….

So why, then, is the BBC doing this? I mean, it’s not like we haven’t already been woken up to the reality of the media pushing an agenda this past year, right? Have you ever wondered how much money is being tied up in the “green” agenda? Green energy companies, insane amounts of government funding, carbon tax credits trading (we’d always say the one thing they have yet to tax was air… think again), lobby money, fundraising events for millions of tax free charity foundations, and an awesome amount of political power. Ever wonder why the only solution that green activists will advocate for is more government power? Seriously. Think about it on a basic level. Is there anything that placates their demands other than governmental regulations? Who’s the naive in this particular situation? To think you have a political cause that is nigh uncontested by the general public, that is being pushed through all the regular propaganda channels, that is entangled with financial interests of sizes beyond belief and it’s all on the up and up? There’s no corruption here? There’s no authority overreach? No one controlling the narrative? Come on!

The bottom line is that we look at the mainstream media and are only getting one side of the story. Their side of the story. And because it’s all framed neatly and wrapped in a bow, we don’t even ask the basic questions anymore. Look out the damned window, once in a while, people!

I’ve compiled a playlist of YouTube videos (it’s about five hours long) that can be found here: that at least asks a few questions we never hear being asked in the mainstream media… Proceed with caution.


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