Who is?

I was born in 1982 and though most of my formative years came in the 90’s I consider myself to be a child of the 80’s. Knight Rider, The A-Team, Hunter, Air Wolf, Remington Steele, Magnum PI, Married With Children, Saved By The Bell ruled the TV in my house in the early 90’s. Sure there was also 90210, Seinfeld, The X-files and other 90’s shows but somehow, the 80’s stuff left a much deeper mark on me. I’d take Cheers over Friends any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

This out of time paradigm caused me to feel out of sync with my generation. Somehow I felt older and tending to look down on them. I know now, that it was only ironic that, to me, the gloss of the 80’s seemed deeper than the soot of the 90’s when in fact they were both equally shallow.

As I outgrew the odd one out stage I discovered that I was quite regular, quite average and my experiences were quite similar to those around me. This is the reason for putting up this blog. I’m hoping that some of what I put up here will resonate with others around and that magic of the interpersonal will appear.

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